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Upper Delaware Fly Fishing Report


Summer officially started this week and the Upper Delaware Rivers are at their normal summertime flows.

This is a period where the Baxter House guide staff splits their time between floating the West Branch and the Upper Main Stem for Trout and the lower Main Stem for Bass and Walleye.

This week I have been on the West Branch every day. At this time anglers will find good fishing on the West Branch but with some challenges attached. In the Upper River there is still a lot of algae in the drift and you need to regularly clean your fly and leader. The water is low and clear so approaching mature Trout is challenging.

The Lower West and Upper Main Stem are clear of algae and fishing well.

Anglers planning to fish this area for Trout will now find good hatching in the mid afternoon with Large Sulfurs and Spinners. Every afternoon there is a dead time where nothing happens for a few hours. Towards dark the river comes alive again with a mix of Isonychia, Cahills, Sulfurs and Spinners. Recently the period around dark has had very heavy surface activity.

The fish in these photos were taken mid afternoon in full sun during the Sulfur hatch / spinner fall.

The Upper East also has about the same insect activity at this time. This river is very low and challenging at this time. This is the period for long leaders, small flies and lots of patience.

In the coming weeks anglers should start to see some morning surface activity start to establish when the Tricos start their yearly emergence. Another little bug called Caenis will also become important on the East and West Branches soon. This is another real tiny insect like the Trico but best imitated with a Chocolate Colored spinner. #20 and #22 are best.

Our guides have also been out on the Lower Main Stem fishing for Bass and Walleye every day this week. The action is great and our guests have been taking some nice fish on both Fly and Spin tackle.

The best action is below Callicoon in the area where the water is over 70 degrees. Over the last week our trips in this area have produced lots of action.

Fly fishermen will find the best action on rubber leg nymphs and small streamers when the sun is high. Late day bigger streamers , Dry Flies and top water poppers are drawing the fish's attention.

For those who fish ultra light spin tackle soft baits are our best choice. Currently Dead Drifting Senkos is effective. Jigs with Twisters, Kei-Tecs and Gulp are always going to take a lot of fish. Late day topwater poppers are taking a lot of fish.

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