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Upper Delaware Fly Fishing Report


This weekend looks like it will be a great weather weekend. Sunny skies and warm days are on tap so it should be perfect for outdoor activities.

The Trout fishing is entering into early summer conditions. This is a time where a lot of the larger insects of spring are becoming scarce and the Trout are turning their attention to the smaller insects. At this time Sulfur Mayflies are the main staple in the trout's diet and this insect is emerging on all of our local rivers.

Recently rainfall has been scarce. All Upper Delaware Rivers are now at low water conditions and wade access is about unlimited. Our Tailwater rivers the East Branch Delaware and West Branch Delaware are ice cold from reservoir releases. The Freestone rivers are starting to warm up again. Currently the Lower Delaware, Lower East branch and the lower reaches of the Beaverkill and Willowemoc are warm late in the day. The upper reaches of these rivers are still pretty cool and fishing well especially early in the day.

For Dry Fly fishing the best choices are still the Upper East and Upper West branches. Afternoon and evening Sulfur hatches are possible every day. The evening activity is even better as Isonychia, Cahills, BWO'S and Spinners are also on the water.

In the Freestones nymphing is the best approach for fishing early in the day. Late day activity is a mix of Sulfurs, Isonychia, Cahills, BWO's and Spinners.

Anglers fishing the sunny portion of the day will find the best action in the fast riffles and pocket water.

Our guides have been focusing our half day floats on the Taiwaters. We have been mixing up the full day trips with a mix of wading followed by a float trip in the later portion of the day.

Currently most of our float trips have been on the West Branch and Upper Main Stem. This time of year the fishing here is technical but our guides love to show our guests the flies and techniques necessary to fool wary delaware trout.

Currently we are having success as follows -

Nymphing in the freestones - Bh Pheasant Tails, Copper John Red, Ice Pupa (Olive, Cream), Pheasant Tails, Sunken Transitional Emergers.

Surface Fishing in the Freestones- Isonychia Cripples, Sulfur Cripples, Cahill Cripples, Parachute Duns, Large Spinners


Nymphing in the Tailwaters - Tiny BH NYmphs, Pheasant Tails, Ice Pupas (Olive, Cream, Green), Midge Larva, Sunken Transitional Emergers.

Surface Fishing the Tailwaters - Knock Down Sulfurs and Olives, Sulfur and Olive Cripples, Sulfur Hackle Cripples, Hackle Spinners, Griffith Gnats, Ants and Beetles.

Anglers fishing the dry fly on the Upper East and West Branches will now enjoy some of the toughest match the hatch fishing of the year. To be successful it is important to greatly increase the length of your leaders and adjust your tippet size to the conditions and fly choice. Our guides rarely rig our guests with leaders of less than 15 feet for summer fishing.

If you want to get out and fish in the coming weeks now is the time to book your trip. This laid back time of year is the perfect time to book some one on one time with our staff to hone your skills while casting to selective Trout.

Full day trips are starting at 1:30 pm and Half Days are going out at 4:30 pm. All dry fly trips fish into the darkness.


We are now available for both Fly Fishing and Spin Fishing Trips for Smallmouth and Walleye. These trips are available every day and both Full and Half Days are offered. All of these trips are on the Delaware River.

Recently our guides have been putting our guests into heavy numbers of fish. Over the last week or so we have been focusing on the area downstream of Callicoon. This area now has the correct water temperatures for the Smallies to be active and aggressive. The late day action has been exceptional and both Guide Rich and Guide Zach have reported excellent topwater action during this period.

Call us today to book your next trip. 607-290-4022

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