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Upper Delaware Fly Fishing Report


Over the last few days the Daytime hatches have picked up in a huge way.

At this time the Invaria Sulfur hatch is established on the Tailwaters and there are Trout rising throughout the afternoon.

At this time anglers who know the waters well can find Cornuta Olives in the morning, Invaria Sulfurs in the afternoon and a big mix of insects towards dark. Spinner activity has been good at the twilight time.

Over the last few days rainfall and colder weather has really turned the conditions around throughout the river system. This morning the water temps are are 60 degrees or colder in all areas of the Delaware River system.

Over the last few days our guides have had a pretty easy job. The Trout have been feeding steadily and our guests have been cleaning up with dry flies.

Anglers planning to fish in the coming days should make sure they have Olives, Isonychia and Sulfurs. Anglers should also remember that the current hatches of Ephemerella's have a very high mortality rate during emergence. There will always be almost as many cripples and defective insects on the water as those with up wings.

This is why our guides focus on using Knock Down Duns and Cripples. Hackle Wing Spinners in the color of the emerging duns will also draw confident take.

Over the last few days we have been able to take about every fish with these custom patterns. All are in stock so stop by the fly shop.

Right now the West Branch and Upper East have the bugs. This is where the Invaria's are hatching and the emergence is heavy. This is the best place to spend the afternoon hours.

Towards evening the action is good everywhere. Currently the Isonychias, Dorothea Sulfurs, and Cahills are emerging late day. Various spinners of all sizes are about during this time as well.

A good plan for wade anglers at this time is to fish the tailwaters during the invarias and then head to a good fast water section of the Main Stem, Beaverkill or Willowemoc for the evening hatch. This approach has always worked well at this time of year.

We have a few opening for guided trips remaining this month. I have a few dates open due to schedule changes as does our guide staff. Call us today to plan your next fishing adventure. 607-290-4022

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