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Upper Delaware Fly Fishing Report


Last night more rainfall fell on the Upper Delaware Region. Last nights rain was not much more than some passing showers but every amount of rain helps as we head into the summer months.

The Rainfall combined with the cooler weather forecast should provide anglers with some nice fishing conditions this week. Tomorrow through Friday daytime air temps. are expected to stay in the 50"s to low 60's.

This morning all of our local rivers have water temperatures that are within the range for good trout fishing. Most of our freestone rivers have water temps this morning around or just above 60 degrees.

Throughout the day yesterday the turbidity and water level dropped. By last night we were fishing in mostly clear water. Today anglers can expect to see clear water conditions throughout the system.

Short term the streamer bite should be very good. Yesterday we continued fishing streamer flies. The action was instant and remained good throughout the afternoon. All of our guides reported lots of action on streamers and some big Trout coming to net.

The photo is an 18" brown from yesterday. We had good action with Brown Trout in this size range on both streamers and dry flies.

The current higher water is also well timed as there are some great hatches that are about to occur. In the coming days Cornuta Olives, Invaria Sulfurs and Isonychia should all establish as reliable hatches. I have been seeing the beginning stages of these hatches and expect them to provide good match the hatch fishing within a week or so.

Our guides have some openings this week and next for both streamer and dry fly fishing. I have guide Rich Hudgens available tomorrow and Thursday due to a last minute schedule change. If you would like to get out in the next week or so give us a call today at 607-290-4022

My top choices fro the next few days are as follows-

On foot - The Upper East, Beaverkill and Willowemoc. These are the best for walk wading and the hatches are decent. There should be excellent action while the light turbidity remain with streamers and buggers. At the current flow rates you will have the best action with streamers in the 4" or smaller range. Black and Olive are top producers in the current conditions.

Drift boat anglers have a lot of options today after a long stretch of being confined to just the West Branch and Upper Main Stem. Anglers floating should pick away with streamers before finding good action on the Dry Fly late in the day . Now is the time to tie on a big Isonychia and cover the water. Blind fishing has been pretty good for our guests over the past few days.

The best action with dry flies remains in the short period just before and after dark. At this time the action has been fast and furious in most places.

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