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Upper Delaware Fly Fishing Report


This weekend is one of the most anticipated weekends of the trout fishing season in the Upper Delaware. This is the time where the seasons greatest diversity of insect life will be active simultaneously.

This season however mother nature is not completely on the side of us fly fishermen. Currently low water conditions are making things tough. At this time most all of the activity with the larger flies has shifted to well after dark. Daytime fishing is currently challenging but our guides have been using a variety of methods and a lot of persistence to keep our guests on the Trout.

At this time all of our rivers are at low water conditions. The low water conditions combined with the warm sunny days have our freestone rivers in a temperature sensitive place. Currently the Beaverkill and Willowemoc are best fished in their upper reaches and the best action is in the AM hours. The Lower East branch and Lower main Stem are far too warm for catch and release fishing

The Upper East Branch, West Branch and Upper Main Stem are in good shape and with fine temperatures for trout fishing. This is where our guide staff has been concentration their efforts and over the last few days we have had some great fish come to net.

On yesterday's float my guest had a half dozen 18"+ Brown Trout come to net on Dry Flies

Anglers planning to get out on the water for catch and release fishing should consider fishing the following areas - The Upper East above East Branch. The West Branch. The Upper Main Stem down to somewhere between Stockport to Buckingham. On this section you should use a thermometer before fishing but is has been stable and improving over the last few days.

Currently you can encounter just about any insect known to hatch in the Upper Delaware. Recently I have been focusing on just a few. When prospecting the water I have been using Isonychia, Coffin Flies and Brown Drake Spinners regardless of the time of day. All three have been on the water well after dark but the trout know what they are and they are looking for them.

At dusk we have been using big Rusty and Brown Drake Spinners and Coffin Flies after dark. This has been working well but I have been focusing on waters where these insects emerge well.

If you are fishing at the Upper sections of the East and West branches you will need to focus on just small olives and Invaria and Dorothes Sulfurs as these are the insects found in these ice cold environments.

Our guide staff has some openings next week for fishing the prime time hatches. give us a call today to book a trip.

currently our trips are running from1:00 pm until about 10:30pm


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