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Upper Delaware Fly Fishign Report


Memorial Day Weekend is about to kick off. This is historically the first real push of recreational use to the Upper Delaware Rivers. Anglers planning to fish this weekend should expect to see our first heavy hatch of Kayaks, Canoes and Rafts. There will also be increased activity along all rivers.

Fly Anglers will find the fishing conditions to be getting tough just at the time where the fishing should be the best. Over the last few weeks rainfall has been scarce and we are getting our first blast of summer temperatures.

Please note that the low water conditions now have the Lower Main Stem and the Lower East Branch in temperature sensitive ranges for catch and release fishing. These areas are best fished in the morning hours until some heavy rain occurs or the temps. drop.

The remaining waters the Beaverkill, Willowemoc, Upper East Branch and West Branch are fine for fishing but at low water conditions. There is a slight chance of passing showers on Monday but it does not appear to be significant at this time.

Our guides are now having to be creative to keep our guests on good trout fishing. Currently we are putting our guests out earlier in the day and breaking up the day with walk wading and floating. This approach always keeps us on the fish and provides us with the ability to target the areas with cooler water.

Right now the Green Drakes are emerging in big numbers. The other big boy creating some noise are the Golden Stoneflies. Over the last 2 days the Stoneflies have been on the water periodically throughout the day. Whenever a wave of them hits the water the Trout are exploding on them. For those who want to chase the Drakes there is good news. They are emerging well. The bad news however is that they are only a fishable hatch right at dark. This is the only time they have been on the water in mass. The time right at dark has also been heavy with the giant March Brown Spinners.

For this weekend the BEaverkill and Willowemoc are my top choice. Both rivers are at flows that are still pretty decent. Both rivers are also in their prime time for overall insect activity. Anglers can expect to see multiple species on the water and surface activity is possible at any time.

The East and West Branches are low but have ice cold water. These rivers are a great choice for late day fishing. There is a chance of an increase in release today from Cannonsville Reservoir into the West Branch. This would be great news for this river and the main Stem Delware.

Both the East and West Branch have March Browns, Green and Brown Drakes. Coffin Flies should be making an appearance any day now.

We have a few openings in the next week for green drake action. Give us a call today to reserve your trip. 607-290-4022

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