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Upper Delaware Fly Fishing Report

The fishing continues to be pretty good everywhere but there has been a big change recently to the timing of the dry fly activity. The appearance of several sunny days in a row has shifted the activity to much later in the day.

The photo below clearly shows the best time for surface action

Anglers planning to fish this week will find all of our rivers trending to the low side. Wading opportunity is excellent. The forecast for the next few days is for very hot days. This forecast along with the low water will most likely put the lower stretches of our freestone rivers to sensitive temperature ranges. Anglers should now be aware of water temperatures whenever catch and release fishing.

Anglers should be aware that there are two current trends that will effect the fishing at this time. First is the fact that the next few weeks are always the highest pressure weeks of the year. Wild animals feel pressure quickly and move away from it. Our guides watch people and target the areas that most anglers avoid.

Second is the fact that the current insects that are active all share the fact that they migrate to the shallows or rocky areas prior to hatching and many climb out on land or rocks during their actual emergence. These are the exact places where we fish and the exact places most other anglers stand. The trout have already made a major shift from the deeper pools and runs to the shallow riffles.

In the days ahead anglers can expect continued March Brown and Sulfur activity. The sulfurs are the most abundant insect on the water at this time. The fish are lack luster about feeding on these insects for a variety of reasons and anglers should stick with the larger insects unless they observe a trout which is clearly eating them. Don't assume because you see sulfurs that the trout are eating them.

There are currently March Browns, Stoneflies, Caddisflies,Olives,Drakes, Brown Drakes and Isonychia on the water. These darker colored insects will always draw the attention of the trout before the lighter colored insects. IN the areas where the Iso's are active the trout are looking for them.

Our guides have shifted over this week to fishing our Stimulator dropper rigs. Every year when the trout move to the shallows our guests look forward to this type of fishing. Having the big dry fly followed up by a pair of nymphs is simply the most effective way to fish fast water that is 18" or less in depth.

Anglers who are looking to get out for some fishing should give us a call at this time. We still have some openings in the prime time to put you on the water and fish the larger insects.

If you are planning to fish in the near future don't forget to stop by the shop in the mornings. Our guides are here until about 11:45 every day. These are the guys that can give you the most accurate info on the sections of river you plan to fish!.

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