Upper Delaware Fly Fishing Report

It's Dry Fly Time!

Over the last 2 days the dry fly action has come into the spotlight. All of our guides reported never touching a nymph or streamer rod during their last few trips.

At this time anglers can expect to see reliable dry fly fishing every day. We are now entering the time period where the largest insects emerge and the largest diversity of insects can be found on the water at one time.

During my float yesterday we had very steady risers from noon until dark. There were too many different insect species to keep track. Here is the short list of the ones of importance. Hendricksons, March Browns, Large and Small Sulfurs (ephemerellas), Vitreus Sulfurs, Olives and a few drakes, There were also several different species of both Caddisflies and Stoneflies on the water. During the last 2 days there were also spinners from several species in the drift at all times.

The trout are feeding heavily at this time and they are super fat much earlier in the season than normal.