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Upper Delaware Fly Fishing Report

Cold Nights and Great Water Conditions!

The fishing remains good all across the Upper Delaware Region.

The 2 straight weeks of cold rainy weather have slowed the early hatches down to the point where the bugs are near their normal schedule.

Right now the insect hatches are about where I would expect them to be for the date.

This morning we woke to a frost that have everything in Roscoe covered in a thin layer of ice. Today's forecast is for lighter winds and bright sun. Today should be a great spinner day.

The Tailwaters are still pumping our the early season insects and the Freestones are a bit ahead with March Browns, Sulfurs and Caddisflies on the menu.

Over the past few days I have been back on the freestone sections and can report fish feeding regularly on a mix of insects. During yesterdays nasty winds and weather we had some real blitzes of surface activity on some localized but profuse sulfur hatches.

In a few places lots of these insects were blown to the water and floating crippled. The Trout took full advantage of the situation.

Anglers should note that the Blind Fishing with big March Brown imitations is ON!. Over the weekend our guides had our guests prospecting due to the heavy winds and lack of steady risers. This tactic produced steady action from start to finish on all of our floats.

We have some great dates open for guided float trips if you want to get out. Give us a call today.

In the coming days anglers willl find the following conditions on the individula rivers. Upper East and West Branches, Easy wading and lots of Hendrickson and Spinner Activity. Tough fish but steady reliable action. There are still a lot of big boys eating from the surface on both rivers.

The freestones are still a bit high but the action is there. The Lower East, Main Stem, Beaverkill and Willow will improve as the water levels drop during the week.

March Browns are the ticket here and a March Brown Cripple with a March Brown Nymph trailing is deadly.

We are currently using our custom cripples and knock down patterns with the most success. Stop in before heading to the river to get some of these hot flies.

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