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Upper Delaware Fly Fishing Report

The rainfall and big trout on the surface continue.....


Anglers planning to fish the Upper Delaware River System this weekend should pack plenty of clothes and rain gear. We are forecast for rain to continue through the weekend. This will extend the streak of no sun to about 2 straight weeks.

Anglers will find the Upper Delaware freestone rivers to be up in flow for the coming days. The tailwaters, West and East branches are still at flows where anglers will have about unlimited access to every pool.

The Hatches on the Upper East and West are very good to incredible. There are lots of Olives, blue quills, hendricksons and caddisflies emerging. There has been little spinner activity due to the crappy weather and winds. A gigantic spinner fall is in the cards for the next pleasant stretch of weather. It would not surprise me is this activity happens at ant time of day. I have fished great spinner fall in the morning following prolonged lousy weather.

This weekend most anglers will find our freestone river to be a bit challenging due to moderately high water. The best bet will be the Willowemoc which always has some wadable water especially in the upper reaches. The Beaverkill and Lower East will have access but anglers will need to target the slower pools and tailouts. The Main Stem is best fished by drift boat at the current flows.

Anglers can now find active trout everywhere. Our guests have had trout come to net this week on Dries, Nymphs and Strteamers. The Dry FLy action is now the most productive method.

Cripples, Knockdowns and Spinners are the name of the game right now on the east and west. The hatches are heavy and the trout are keyed on the down wing insects. ON the freestones a big March Brown cripple will bring you some action.

Our custom patterns have been producing the best results on all of our guided trips. Stop by the fly shop before heading out to the river. Our guides are here every morning and they will

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