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Upper Delaware Fly Fishing Report


This morning there is still some light rain lingering around in the mountains. This front is expected to move out by mid day today and some warmer weather should take it's place.

Yesterday's rain did not have much impact on the river flows. This morning all of our rivers are at similar flow rates as yesterday or are up a bit.

The Mayfly hatches are underway in the Upper Delaware System. Anglers can now expect to find rising trout every day. Over the next few days anglers should get their first real chance to fish in some pleasant weather since the Trout opener on April 1.

If you plan on fishing in the coming days you can now take good Trout on Dries, Nympsh and Streamers. At the current flow rate anglers can also find good foot access to about everywhere except some areas of the Main Stem. Drift boat anglers have lots of options.

This week Blue Quills, Quill Gordon's and Hendrickson's should be the key items on the Trouts menu. Anglers should make sure that they have several different patterns of each to cover the different river sections that these insects are found.

Anglers should also remember that the early spring is also one of the best times to coax up a Monster Brown Trout on Streamer Flies. Anglers should target the areas with heavy structure like cut banks, sweeper trees and rock piles. These places are best when they occur in or around deep slow water. Anglers will also find the larger fish to be more likely to strike near teh edges of darkness and on overcast gray days.

We have a few openings this week for float trips if you want to get out. Give the shop a call today to talk fishing 607-290-4022

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