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April 1 is here and Trout fishing is now open across New York State. Today the season kicked off with warm weather and low water conditions. This is a rare circumstance in Roscoe on the Opener.

There was a good crowd at Junction Pool this morning for the traditional first Cast.

We currently have overcast skies and some rainfall is expected today and tonight. The extent of the precipitation is always a crap shoot. In the event that our rivers rise quickly I will do a post update.

Currently there is good fishing about everywhere. Our guides have been out on the water and doing well. The conditions are now well ahead of a normal weather year.

Recently our guides have had lots of success on nymphs and decent action on the dry fly. The photos are from this week and taken by Mike Alberghini and Zach Anderson.

At this time most generic nymphs will find some takers. In the coming days our guides will focus our nymph rigs on Caddis Pupas, Small Stonefllies, Paralep and Hendricksons. For those who can't imitate an insect specifically you should try pheasant tail nymphs in #12, 14 and 16. ON the Tailwaters the smaller #16's will be the most effective. My caddis pupa's are also a killer at most times and early spring is no exception. Ice Pupas in #14 will get your line tight. Early I like Light Olive and Caddis Green.

On the surface you may encounter Small Stoneflies, Blue QUills, Midges, Quill Gordons and Hendrickson's .

Which insects you find are highly dependent on the section of river you plan on fishing. Anglers who are specifically looking to target surface feeding fish should look for action from mid afternoon until near dark.

You should also keep your focus on the river sections that are very slow with medium to small oval shaped bottom cobble. The tailouts and eddies are normally the best location for early season risers.

The fish that are feeding on stoneflies are very keyed in on motion. A heavily hackled fly that can be skittered will draw a lot of attention. I normally keep 2 rods rigged one to skitter and one with a Knock Down Blue Quill Dun #16 for the long slow drag free drifts.

If you plan on fishing in the coming days be sure to stop into the shop. We are now open daily.

We have a huge selection of newly processed Dry Fly Capes and Saddles out for sale. We also have our fly boxes freshly stocked with the best custom patterns specifically for the Upper Delaware Waters.

We have some openings in the coming days with our guides. If you would like to get an early season float trip give us a call today. 607-290-4022

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