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North and South Report

The nice weather has really been good for fishing conditions. On Florida's West Coast the bite has been on!

In the Upper Delaware Region the mild winter has started up the action a full month early.

In the South we have been having great action with the 3 main inshore species. At this time the action is good for Snook, Trout and Redfish. The snook action has been explosive at times.

In the Upper Delaware the warm afternoon temperatures have already been providing for some afternoon insect activity and the Trout have been responding.

Down South

Currently the action is great whenever the tide is moving. I have been targeting the Snook in the Mangrove cuts and having good success with both Fly and light spin tackle.

Over the last week the Snook have become very aggressive. They are now on the hunt for food. I have been sight fishing them on both #6 and #8 weight rods. Over the last few days it have been game on with bait fish patterns that imitate small Mullet, Sardines and Herring.

The Snook Photos are all from the last 2 days. Over this time the fish we have been taking have averaged around 25"

We have also been fishing the shallow bays for Spotted Trout. This is super fast action on the tide changes. I have been rigging in a similar fashion to my Trout fishing in the Delaware with a large bait fish down low and a smaller teaser fly about 24" out in front. WHen it's on we have been taking 2 trout at a time on a regular basis.

I have abot one week of fishing left here before I head north to begin my Trout fishing season in the Upper Delaware.

Upper Delaware

The warm winter has river conditions already in a good place. A good portion of the river system is open for fishing and all waters open on April 1.

Our guides have already been floating the water and doing so with decent success. This week Guide Zach found fish on both streamers and dry flies.

Currently there are Small Stoneflies, MIdges and a few small Mayflies on the water. The best activity is in the slow water and in the tails of the slower pools.

Anglers can expect this action to continually improve if the warm trend continues. Our guides are now available for float trips 7 day a week. Our Fly Shop will be reopening next weekend.

Give us a call today to get out for an early season Float Trip 607-290-4022

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