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Beaverkill Valley Hackle News!

Our latest crop of hackle products are processed and ready for sale.

Currently I am listing our products on EBAY first. Our new product can be purchased at

There are brand new Dry Fly Capes and Saddles in every grade. Also listed are our popular Hen Sets - These sets give you the Hen Cape, Saddle, Some Flank Feathers and Some Chickabou. This is the best value in soft hackle products!.

I am also listing quite a few Commercial Tyers Grade Capes and Saddles. These are skins that did not meet our grading standards due to minor imperfections such as small size, a few missing feathers, minor pelt damage, etc. These are great value since there is no damage to the feathers. These are perfect for the tyer who is cranking out fishing flies.

Please check back often as this stock will change quickly. I will be lising new product every few days over the next 2 months.


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