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Upper Delaware Fly Fishing Report

It is mid December and we have yet to see old man winter arrive in the Catskill Mountains. We have had some nights where it has been below freezing but most days have seen air temperatures in the 40's and 50's.

This is so abnormal but we're not complaining.

The warm weather is forecast to continue so trout fishing is still an option for anglers who want to spend a day on the water.

Currently the No Kill sections of the Beaverkill and Willowemoc remain open to anglers. Anglers also have the border water section of the West Branch and the entire Main Stem Delaware to wet a line.

Currently all of our rivers are in good shape. This week they may be a bit high since we had some rainfall but there is plenty of fishable water.

Recently I have seen some insect activity on the sunny days but it has not produced more than a few sporadic rises here and there. The activity has been mostly midges.

The best bet for taking Trout at this time is with sub surface offerings. Streamers and Nymph rigs will produce and with the current conditions you can expect some action.

Anglers should target dropoffs and ledges at the heads of pools with their nymph rigs and fish streamers slowly through the deeper, slower pools.

I like Zonkers, Buggers and Mid Sized Articulated Streamers at this time.

Nymph rigs should include comfort foods. This means using easily recognized patterns that represent insects that are available 12 months of the year.

During the colder months I like to nymph with Caddis Pupas and Midge patterns as both are always n the drift.

Anglers who don't normally fish the colder months should take note that the best action will come at the point in the day where it is most pleasant. During the winter months only a degree or two increase in water temperature can make all the difference. I like to target the full sun areas on days when the sun makes and appearance.

For those of you who are heading south this winter to Florida's west coast. MIchele and I will be spending January through March there. If you would like to get out for a fishing trip give me a call. 607-348-7497

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