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Upper Delaware Fly Fishing Report

Some Rainfall and Good Fishing

Wednesday some substantial rainfall finally found it's way to the Upper Delaware River System. This rain was long overdue and it arrived at a perfect time. Our rivers are now bank full as are all of the tributaries that feed the main rivers.

I have still been on the water every day and the fishing is still very good most days. The weather has been much warmer than normal and the only negative has been the wind on some days.

Even with the wind my guests have still been doing very well. At this time most all of the action is on dry flies. The blue wing olives are now reliable and the trout are in a steady routine of feeding on these abundant insects.

The recent rainfall has also left us with some positive conditions for streamer fishing. This window will only last for the few days while the heavy flows are receding.

Below are some recent photos of Trout taken on both streamers and dry flies

This coming week I have some openings if you want to get out for some dry fly action. Give us a call to reserve your date. 607-290-4022

Anglers who plan on fishing in the coming days should take note that the Trout are now changing their habits in a big way. Every Autumn the Wild Bows that made their living in the fast riffles and pocket water change their habits in a big way.

Anglers should now target the pool tailouts and areas of very shallow water that is moving slowly. Anglers should also pay attention to the sun. Sun is now better than shade and the trout will move with the sun as it warms different sections of a flat.

The shallow flats are the best place in the river for the trout to feed efficiently on the smaller insects and these sections of the river are now alive with action.

Chasing Trout in this type of water is one of the most exciting periods of every year!

At this time I am rigging my guests with a #18 Olive Cripple or Knock Down Dun and sticking with it. If you get a good presentation and the trout sees the fly you will get confident takes. Anglers should also look to run about 15 feet of leader and tippet to 5X. This setup has given us excellent results every day.

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