Upper Delaware Fly Fishing Report

Some Rainfall and Good Fishing

Wednesday some substantial rainfall finally found it's way to the Upper Delaware River System. This rain was long overdue and it arrived at a perfect time. Our rivers are now bank full as are all of the tributaries that feed the main rivers.

I have still been on the water every day and the fishing is still very good most days. The weather has been much warmer than normal and the only negative has been the wind on some days.

Even with the wind my guests have still been doing very well. At this time most all of the action is on dry flies. The blue wing olives are now reliable and the trout are in a steady routine of feeding on these abundant insects.

The recent rainfall has also left us with some positive conditions for streamer fishing. This window will only last for the few days while the heavy flows are receding.

Below are some recent photos of Trout taken on both streamers and dry flies