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Upper Delaware Fly Fishing Report

Weekend Outlook

This weekend will be the first in a while where anglers will have lots of options.

All Upper Delaware and Catskill rivers are in good shape thanks to the rainfall earlier this week. At this time all of our rivers are clear of turbidity and easily wadable.

This week also brought in our first sustained shilly weather of the autumn season. Now is the time for light jackets and some layering garments.

The mountains are in full color now and it is a beautiful time to be on the river. Yesterday the insect hatches continued to improve and there were periods where there were lots of insects about. The Blue WIng Olives are improving. There has also been good activity from Isonychia, Cahills, Sulfurs and Caddisflies. Yesterday there was heavy spinner activity on the Main Stem Delaware.

Yesterday there was a decent amount of turbidity in the Main Stem and we took advantage of it taking some nice Trout on both Streamer Flies and Dry Flies. Below is Frank Passucci with a pair of nice Trout from yesterday.

From this point on fly fishing conditions should be excellent. In the Autumn the Upper Delaware river system always offers some of the finest nymph and dry fly fishing to be found.

Anglers can expect October and early November float trips to offer several hours per day of match the hatch dry fly fishing and steady takes on nymphs.

Give us a call today to book your next fly fishing adventure 607-290-4022

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