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Upper Delaware Fly Fishing Report


This coming weekend anglers should fing decent action in the upper Delaware River System. The weather is still more like summer than fall but the nights have been cool enough to increase the Trout activity.

Visiting Anglers will find all of our rivers to be on the low side. Currently wading oportunity is unlimited.

The East and West Branches are offering the most reliable surface fishing activity at this time. Blue Wing Olives, Sulfurs, Isonychia, Cahills, FLying Ants and Caddisflies are on the water. With the low water the trout in the tailwaters are difficult to fool. The current conditions are right for the maximum challenge in match the hatch type of fly fishing.

The Freestone rivers have the same insects and are fishing decent. The best action os early in the day at this time. On the warmer days the late day activity has been sluggish due to rising water temperatures.

With the low water conditions the nymph fishing has been excellent. Over the last few days my guests have really been running the numbers up. We have been targeting the pocket water and riffles early in the day and the action has been constant.

Currently I am running my guests nymph rigs with fairy basic flies. I have been using both copper johns and BH pheasant tails fillowed by my Ice Caddis Pupas. we have been having action on every fly but the majority have come on the ice pupa.

Yesterday the release was increased from Cannonsville Reservoir. Anglers will mostly find additional green algae in the drift on the West Branch. Anglers should also expect that the releases may continue to rise a bit in the coming days as there is no rain in the forecast and things are drying up in the loere river.

The additional water will continue to have a positive impact on the Mian Stem Delaware.

For location specific fishing reports give the fly shop a call early in the day.

We are currently taking booking for float trips. We have some openings from now through mid November. If you would like to get out and enjoy the great autumn fishing give us a call today. 607-290-4022

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