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Upper Delaware Fly Fishing Report

September is here and this starts my favorite time of year for Trout fishing in the Upper Delaware River System.

The days are already getting shorter and the Trout will become more and more in tune with the insect activity as we move further into the autumn period.

The Trout fishing has been very good but it is still pretty technical. We are still some time away from where you can throw Big Isonychias and expect to have fish hitting them with reckless abandon.

Currently you still have to fish long light leaders and mess around with the tiny flies. Over the last few days we have been hooking up lots of fish to land a few. We have however had 20" class trout on size #20 flies just about every day recently. Sunday we had lots of fish while yesterday we hasd only a few but all big.

Below are a pair of recent photos from the West Branch. These fish were taken in the middle of the day on dry flies

Currently the action is non stop if you keep moving and actively hunting for the active Trout.

Anglers planning on fishing in the coming days should be aware that it is Flying Ant time. These insects have been about in huge numbers lately and the Trout love them.

If you are planning on fishing the West Branch of the Delaware you will currently find a nice flow rate for boats or wade anglers.

There is slight turbidity and a pretty heavy amount of green algae in the drift. The algae issue increases the more upstream that you choose to fish. In the upper river sub surface fishing is about impossible.

At the end of this week we will be switching back to full day trips only. If you were thinking about getting out for an evening hatch float now is the time to call us.

Starting next Monday all trips will become full day. Give us a call to plan your next trip 607-290-4022

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