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Upper Delaware Fly Fishing Report

The Fly Fishing in the Upper Delaware is still pretty good for August. The Trout Fishing is still reliable and the Smallmout Bass fishing is now heating up.

Over the weekend our guides floated guests over a lot of river miles.

We had good action with trout on the West Branch and Upper Main Stem. We also had good Action with Smallmouth Bass and Walleye on the Lower Main Stem.

Overall we now have a lot of options for providing our guests with great fishing!

Mark Brugeman with a West Branch Brown Trout

Some Lower Main Stem Action!

Right now most all of our rivers are at normal summer flows. Currently anglers will find low water conditions in most places and wading access is about unlimited. The Trout fishing is now getting a bit limited due to the low and warmer water. The Smallmouth Bass fishing is now finally picking up for the same reason.

There are decent insect hatches and you can find Blue Wing Olives, Sulfurs, Isonychia, Cahills, White Flies,Small Caddisflies and more on the water. There are also a good amount of terrestrial insects that can find their way onto the water at times. Ants, Beetles, Hoppers and Crickets will all fool fish at this time. These type flies are the perfect choice for that occasional riser that you might encounter.

My top pick for fising location at this time is the West Branch, Upper Main Stem and the Upper East Branch for Trout. This is where the cold water is and where the insects will be the most consistent. I was on the Main Stem again last night and the action was decent late in the day, it was explosive right before dark. Anglers should make sure they stay on the water for as long as they are able too see. Now is the time to fish a big white fly in the fading light and into darkness.

The Beaverkill, Willowemoc and Lower East Branch are all at levels where the waters will warm to over 70 degrees late in the day. Anglers should avoid catch and release fishing when these warm conditions exist.

Anglers who want to fish these water should get out early in the day or target the areas well up stream and in the head waters where it is cool.

Anglers who want to target Smallmouth Bass have a lot of options at this time. For Ultra Light tackle and Fly Fishing Streamers and other sub surface patterns just about any time of day will produce. There is exceptional dry fly action in some areas in the last hour or two before dark. The smallies have been feeding aggressively on the Abundant insect activity late in the day. We are now offering evening trips for smallies where we target these fish on both Dry Flies and Poppers. Anglers looking to fish for smallies will find the best action in the warmer waters of the "D" We have been fishing between Callicoon and Lackawaxen with great results.

Our guides have been fishing the West Branch and Main Stem most every day and our guests are doing well. If you want to get out for a float trip in the coming days give us a call in the shop today. 607-290-4022

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