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Upper Delaware Fly Fishing Report


This weekend looks like it is going to have some great weather to enjoy the outdoors.

The heat wave that gripped the area eariler this week has broken. The next few days are forecast for mostly sunny skies with daytime highs in the mid 70's and cool nights. This morning the air temperature was quite cool with a noticable drop in humidity.

Overall the Upper Delaware region still has really good Trout fishing conditions for the month of July. Anglers will still pretty much have their choice of fishing just about anywhere in the system.

The Beaverkill and WIlloemoc are starting to get low but they are still at decent fishing levels. Right now the fishing is decent with dry fly action early and late. I think that the best action on these waters right now will come with fishing a Dry fly Dropper rig in the riffles and pocket water sections. My favorite rig is a big Stimulator fished with 2 Bead Head nymphs trailing it. Right now the first nymph should be a #14 and the second a #16, #18. Correct choices are Pheasant tails, Copper Johns, Prince, Caddis Pupa etc. The evenings are seeing Isonychia, Sulfurs, Cahills, Olives, Small Caddisflies and Spinners on the water

The East Branch is getting a nice release and conditions are real good down to about Fishs Eddy.

The lower river will fish best with the same strategies as the Beamoc waters.

The Upper East is now in it's normal summer routine. The Trout and the insects are on a schedule. There is some surface activity from dawn until the sun gets overhead. The surface activity returns with sporadic action through the late afternoon hours before getting really great right before dark.

Olives, Sulfurs, Isonychia, Spinners, Midges and Terrestrials are whats on the menu. At the current flow of just over 500 cfs. the trout are pretty tough to approach and fool. Anglers should be thinking about 15' + leader lengths to make things look natural on the water.

The West Branch is still getting the heavy release from Cannonsville Reservoir. This has made for some excellent fishing conditions throughout the West Branch and the Main Stem Delaware. There is good conditions for both drift boat and wade fishing. Wade anglers may find some sections challenging at the current flows. The insects are the same as everywhere in the System. The West has been a bit insonsistent with both the bugs and the rising trout. There has been some intervals however where it has been great.

The Main Stem has been consistently very good. There are insects through most of the day and the Trout are feeding whenever insects are present. We have had no problem finding rising trout even in the full sun situations.

Our guides have been working every day and our guests are being treated to some of the finest dry fly action of the season. Just about ever trip over the last few weeks has yielded 20" class fish on the dry fly. These conditions should last for at least the next month if you want to treat yourself to a float trip.

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