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Upper Delaware Fly Fishing Report


All Upper Delaware Rivers still have above average flows for summer time.. There are very good trout fishing conditions throughout the entire river system. Last night another round of heavy thunderstorms moved slowly through the region. There was some heavy localized rainfall which has some sections of river on the rise again. For today anglers may find some localized turbidity but it should only make the fishing better.

There is also a heavy release out of Cannonsville Reservoir at this time. This release is due to some work being done there and it may be around for a while. For as long as this release continues the water conditions will remain favorable through the entire Main Stem!

Over the last 2 weeks our guests have been doing great. Last night there was incredible action again. The surface feeding could only be described as frenzied. Bill and Tom had a great July night taking many WIld Rainbows in the 18" to 20" range

Right now we are having about the best fishing of the season! I have been out every day and recently the action has been pretty fast and furious. Both the Streamer and Dry Fly fishing is very good. There are lots of insects and the trout have been feeding well.

July is not typically a busy month for us so we have some openings if you were unable to get a date with us during the prime spring fishing period. This coming week we have several opening for both full and half day float trips. Give us a call today at 607-290-4022

Current River Flow Table

Beaverkill 295 cfs.

Wilowemoc - 202cfs.

Upper East Branch -498 cfs

Lower East Branch -1200 cfs.

West Branch -1690 cfs.

Main Stem -3220 cfs.

The Rivers

The System in general is fishing good. Currently anglers can find what they are looking for. If you want to fish for numbers the Beaverkill and WIllowemoc are very wadable and nyphing during the mid day hours will get you plenty of action. Keep your nymphs small and high stich the pockets and riffles.

The best daytime dry fly action is now occurring on the Upper East and Upper West branches. Both rivers are getting daytime Sulfur and Olive activity but on bright sunny days the rising is sporadic at best. The cloudy days have been world class!

The last few hours and especially right at dark have been frenzied in Most places. The phenomenon of going from a sparse hatch to having the water totally coverd with insects has been happening every night right at dark. Almost every day we are hooking a few giant trout right at this time. The Main Stem has been great right at this time.

Anglers Tip - Right now there is plenty of action in the fast water. The Big Trout like the ones that are shown in the photos I post every day are currently not coming from this water. We are finding the big boys cruising the slow deep pools sipping gently as they move along. Many of the big ones lately have come out of the pool tailout where many dismiss the rises as non target species.


Currently there are Yellow Drakes, Olives, Isonychia, Steno's, Sulfurs, Hebes, Stoneflies, Caddisflies and more emerging from all Upper Delaware Rivers. There is good spinner activity most nights. Anglers should now target the areas around the faster riffles and pocket water. Most of the insects that are emerging now are fast water dwellers and all of the late day spinner activity will happen in these same areas.