Upper Delaware Fly Fishing Report


Over the last few days the fishing conditions in the Upper Delaware have improved dramatically. The recent overcast and rainy weather combined with cooler air temperatures have everything going our way for a change. We currently have som of the best fishing conditions of the season and we are about to enter July.

At this time every river in the system has good water flows and the correct water temperatures for insects and trout to be active. We are currently able to float about every secction of river in the system. For those of you who enjoy floating the Main Stem Delaware with us conditions are good. I have been on the Main the last few days and there have been excellent hatches and rising Trout about everywhere. On the last 2 floats we fished the dry fly for almost the entire floats with steady action. Over the last few days Isonychia have been emerging heavily and the trout are on them. If you want to get out this week give us a call in the shop - 607-290-4022

Below are some Dry Fly trout from yesterday

Paul MS Bow.jpg