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Upper Delaware Fly Fishing Report


Fishing conditions in the Upper Delaware remain good for the date. The recent rainfall has all of our rivers except the Upper East Branch running high, At this time both wade and drift boat fishermen will have plenty of opportunity.

Today should be a great fishing day as it is forecast to be overcast with some thunder storms moving through during the afternoon hours.

Over the last few days our guides have had the option of choosing from multiple locations with great water flows and solid water temperatures. During that time our guests have had some great opportunity with a variety of fly fishing methods.

This week we will once again have the opportunity to target large Brown Trout with streamer flies. We should have some great action over the next few days Give us a call if you would like to hunt huge Brownies this week. 607-290-4022

Recently our guides have been covering a lot of water. Recently we have had boats on the East, West and several sections of the Main Stem Delaware. Currently there is something for everyone. Just about every technique for taking a trout with the fly rod is possible at this time.

River Flow Table

Beaverkill 1020 cfs.

Wilowemoc - 680 cfs.

Upper East Branch -412 cfs

Lower East Branch -1910 cfs.

West Branch - 1030 cfs.

Main Stem -4270 cfs.


Currently there are Yellow Drakes, Cornuta Olives Green Drakes, Brown Drakes, Isonychia, March Browns, Sulfurs, Stoneflies, Caddisflies and more emerging from all Upper Delaware Rivers. There is good spinner activity most nights. Anglers should now target the areas around the faster riffles and pocket water. Most of the insects that are emerging now are fast water dwellers and all of the late day spinner activity will happen in these same areas.


Today's Upper Delaware Fly Selection- Cornuta Olives,Olive Knock Down Duns, Green Drake Cripples, Baxter House Hackle Wing Spinners, Iso Spinner, Hackle WIng Rusty Spinners, Sulfurs,Sulfur Cripples, Elk Over CDC Caddis, X Caddis, Peacock Klinkhammers BH Copper Johns, BH Pheasant Tails, Ice Caddis, KT Pupas, BH Stoneflies, Flash Back Pheasant Tails, Cased Caddis Small Zonkers, BH Wooly Buggers , Sculpins, Bottom Wigglers, Muddlers, Small Articulated Flies, Streamers of 3" or less will be most effective at this time.


Currently there is no bad choice of water in the Upper Delaware System. We actually have better conditions now than earlier in the spring.

The Beaverkill and Willowemoc are in great shape. The flows are currently a bit high but they should be dropping into a very fishable water stage today or tomorrow.. The best action on the surface is early and late in the day. Nymphing is consistent all day long in the riffles. Now is an excellent time to to fish a stimulator with a a pair of nymphs dropped below.

The East Branch is fishing well. I have been on this river a few days recently. There are good amounts of Sulfurs during the day and the Trout are feeding sporadically. The evenings have been excellent with multiple species of Mayflies and Spinners drawing steady attention from the Trout. Streamer fishing has been productive here.

The West Branch has been crowded but the fishing has been decent. The action is with Olives and Sulfurs from mid day on. The West currently has a release of 500 cfs and it is at a good fishing flow for wade or boat anglers.

The Main Stem is flowing heavy from the recent rainfall. At the current flow drift boat anglers will have lots of options. Wade anglers will be a bit limited for a few days.

There is some nice action whenever insects are present. There are Isonychia and Yellow Drakes on the water in sparse numbers throughout the afternoon and the Trout are looking for these larger meals. Now is a good time to prospect the water with an oversized Iso or Drake pattern. There has been very crazy feeding action right at and after dark.

Nymphing and Streamers will take their share of fish during the non hatch times.

The Smallmouth Bass action is now heating up in the lower river. We have been taking some nice Bass recently. Most of the larger bass have come on Woolly Buggers and small Atriculated Sculpin type patterns.

We are now taking reservations for Guided Smallmout Bass and Evening Hatch Trout trips for the months of July and August. Give the fly shop a call today for details! 607-290-4022

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