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Upper Delaware Fly Fishing Report


Yesterday all of our guests had decent fishng. We had good action with nymphs and some late day activity with dry flies. I have no photos from the last few days. We released all of the Trout we caught without taking them from the water.

For the next few days all area rivers will offergreat fishing opportunity. The recent rainfall and cooler air temperatures have the rivers in good condition for Trout to be active.

My top choice at this time remains the Beaverkill. This river simply has the bugs at this time. There are multiple species on the water daily and finding rising Trout is not a problem. Most of the other rivers are a bit fickle at this time and the only reliable action has been right at dark. The Main Stem is my top choice for floating. This river has water now and the hatches have been good enough. Yesterday we had enough insects to keep the trout busy throughout the day and the evening rise was fast and furious. Last night there had to be at least a dozen different speicies of insects on the water.


The New York State Council of Trout Unlimited has a few openings remaining for their KIDS summer Camp. Thisis an excellent program that I endorse and have been involved with for years.

Trout Waters Youth Camp

This year the camp will be held at WEST BRANCH ANGLER RESORT. The camp is from July 12 to July 17 and is open to all kids age 13 to 17. The Cost is :$450.oo and Includes Room,Board,All Equipment

The camp includes Expert instruction from guides and pros covering these topics and more: TyingSkills Casting Reading Water Entomology Conservation & Ecology Stream Restoration Stream Etiquette and more.

There are some full and partial scholarships available.

for details contact - RonUrban: 845-339-5938 or BobMead 607-727-9500

River Flow Table

Beaverkill - 399 cfs.

Wilowemoc - 265cfs.

Upper East Branch -145 cfs

Lower East Branch -656 cfs.

West Branch - 283 cfs.

Main Stem -1250 cfs.

Our fly shop is now open daily. We are fully stocked with the essentials and the best local fly patterns in the area. If you are planning to fish and want to get the scoop on what's happening on all area rivers, stop in. Our guides will be in and around the shop from 8:30 am until they leave for their trips. You can pick their brains on the latest hatches, techniques and locations. Our staff will be available to you on a daily basis from now through the end of June

Currently there are Green Drakes, March Browns, Sulfurs, Stoneflies, Caddisflies and more emerging from all Upper Delaware Rivers. There is good spinner activity most nights. Anglers should now target the areas around the faster riffles and pocket water. Most of the insects that are emerging now are fast water dwellers and all of the late day spinner activity will happen in these same areas.

Today's Upper Delaware Fly Selection

March Brown Cripples, Green Drake Cripples, Baxter House Coffin Fly, Kens Coffin fly, Hackle Wing March Brown Spinner, Hackle WIng Rusty Spinners, March Browns, Sulfurs, Blue Quill CDC Duns, Quill Gordon Cripples, Hendrickson Knock Down Duns, Hendrickson Cripples, Red Quill Cripples, Elk Over CDC Caddis, X Caddis, Peacock Klinkhammers, Apple Caddis, March Brown Duns, March Brown Cripples

BH Copper Johns, BH Pheasant Tails, Ice Caddis, KT Pupas, BH Stoneflies, Flash Back Pheasant Tails, Cased Caddis

Small Zonkers, BH Wooly Buggers , Sculpins, Bottom Wigglers, Muddlers, Small Atriculated Flies

Streamers of 3" or less will be most effective at this time.


Both the Beaverkill and Willow are fishing well at low water conditions. Both rivers have excellent wading access at this time. The Beamoc waters got a boost from the minor rainfall yesterday. Both rivers are up this morning and anglers may find localized turbidity in places.

This is one of my favorite times to fish these waters. The insect hatches are now transitioning to species that thrive in the faster riffles and pocket water. The Beamoc waters are perfect for these insects! Over the next 4 weeks anglers should have no problem finding active insects and Trout.

March Browns, Green Drakes and Sulfurs are on the water. At this time a rusty spinner is a great choice for any fussy fish.

Anglers should nymph early and start looking for risers in mid afternoon.

The nymphing is excellent. The best tactic for the Beamoc water is high sticking in the Pocket water. At this time the Pocket Water and Riffles are full of fish.


The East is very low and looking pretty sad in a lot of places. At this time even the Upper River has questionable water temps. Hopefully the forecast rainfall will help out. Yesterdays rainfall was a bust and today this river has risen only about 10 cfs. Rainfall is greatly needed in the East Branch Valley.

The Lower East is in the same boat. Very low water for the time of year. The conditions ar just OK for morning fishing.

Wading access is unlimited at this time.

Anyone fishing the East should be aware of the water temperatures and avoid catch and release fishing when it is over 70 degrees.


The West is at low water conditions. There is a lot of weeds and algae in the drift. The 224cfs. release will continue despite the very low water conditions.

The insect activity is very good and this river should be bug soup for the next month. Anglers will easily find rising fish when insects are present.


Over the next few days the Main Stem should get a break from the heat. The water temperatures are dropping and decent fishing conditions are present. ANglers should however keep in mind that the current conditions are very temporary. The first sunny day with air temps. near 80 will easily push these waters to over 70 degrees again.

In the mean time anglers should enjoy the cool cloudy weather. There should be some Olives on the water and perhaps some daytime spinner activity.

The nymph action on the Main Stem is decent at this time. Our guests have been hooking up with wild rainbows in most riffles that we fish.

Green Drakes, Stoneflies, March Browns, Sulfurs and Olives are possible on the Main. We should also see Cornuta Olives and some Isonychia at any time

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