Upper Delaware Fly Fishing Report


The great insect hatches and good fishing continues1

Currently the fishing in most of the Upper Delaware is very reliable and consisitent. The bigger bugs are on the water and the Trout are feeding heavily whenever they are present.

All of the Trout that we are catching are now fat like footballs from the abundant food.

Over the last few days our guests have been treated to widespread emergences of both March Browns and Green Drakes. On the waters where several of our guides floated the emergence of green drakes has been spectacular. There are also millions of Invaria and Dorothea sulfurs.

Over the last 2 days my guests have been able to fish size 6 dry fly patterns throughout the day and the fish have been crushing our flies.

If you are fishing the Main Stem the last few days has brought a much improved hatch of this gigantic insect - Heptagenia culacantha. This beautiful insect is about the same size or slightly bigger than Green Drakes. The Trout have been eating these well when they are on the water. There are enough of these insects this year that people are talking about them. Several years ago I collected a sample of this insect and had it correctly identified by Greg Hoover out at Penn State. Hopefully this beautiful bug will continue to grow it's numbers in the Main Delaware.