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Upper Delaware Fly Fishing Report

Over the last 24 hours the hot weather subsided a bit. We had a brief shower and today we have cloud cover which should keep river temperatures from rising too much.

We are expecting a major cold from to move in tonight which will be bringing overnight temps. in the mid to high 30's. This should put all of our rivers back to good temperature ranges.

Anglers should also keep in mind that all of our rivers are due for an increase in reservoir release on May 21 and shorly followed by another release on June 1.

As these increases fall into place we should start to see a marked improvement in the overall fishing conditions.

As of not we are not cancelling any more of our scheduled trips. Over the last 5 days we have cancelled most float trips or changed them to walk wades. Our guides are currently taking our guests out very early in the day and fishing before the sun hits the water. We have been concluding most of these trips in early afternoon and leaving the trout alone during the evening hours.

This plan has worked well and our guests have taken some impressive trout mostly from the Beaverkill and WIloemoc. Below are a pair of Beaverkill fish.

Currently there are lots of Caddisflies, Hendricksons, Spinners and some March Browns on the water!

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