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Upper Delaware Fly Fishing Report

Currently the Upper Delaware region and it's rivers are gripped in a heatwave. This combined with the lack of any rain over the last month has caused the overall fisihng conditions to deteriorate rapidly. At this time most all sections of river are thermally challenged.

Currently we are only recommending that anglers fish the morning hours for trout. About the only place we are currently endorsing catch and release fishing is on the Upper WIllowemoc, Upper Beaverkilll and Upper West Branch.

The Beamoc waters are the closest to normal conditions that can be found. The Upper West is cold but very low and crowded.

For the last several days all Baxter House guests have been given the option of walk wading these areas or floating the Lower Main Stem for smallmouth bass and shad. Our smallmouth trips are on waters below the historical range of wild trout.

We are forecast for some cooler weather starting tonight. The extended forecast is for cold enough weather that the water temperatures should drop in a significant way. There is also a slight chance of some thunder storms.

We are hoping that the weather and conditions will rebound quickly so that our guests do not have to cancel or postpone their fising plans.

If you do have a scheduled trip we will be in contact with you regarding fishing conditions and options about 48 hours prior to your scheduled trip.

For additional fishng conditions you can call or read our blog archives. The insect hatches are excellent at this time.

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