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Upper Delaware Fly Fishing Report

River Flow Table

Beaverkill - 960 cfs.

Wilowemoc - 550 cfs.

Upper East Branch -229 cfs

Lower East Branch - 1360 cfs.

West Branch - 341 cfs.

Main Stem - 2950 cfs.

Conditions on Upper Delaware rivers are improving slowly. Over the last few days the warm sunny weather has brought our river to the verge of getting good. The river temperatures however still remain a few degrees away from conditions that will cause an increase in trout activity.

Conditions are really good for fising from boat or on foot. For wade anglers the Upper East and Upper West branches have about unlimited wading opportunity at the current flows. These rivers also have the most reliable insect activity.

There are Stoneflies, Midges, Smalle Caddis, Blue Quills and Quill Gordons on the water. None of these are super heavy yet but you can always see some insect life on the waters surface. Hendricksone and Apple Caddis should start to show up soon.

Over the next few days the river environment may see some weather. The forecast is for some rainfall, wind and possibly some snow squalls. Overall not much precipitation is expected. This forecast is for at least the next few days.

Anglers planning on fishing should make sure they have some layering garments in case you wind up wherever the nast stuff hits.

In past years I have seen this type of forecast go either way. There have been times where the hatch progress pretty much stalls. I also remember times where mayflies have poured from the water in snow squalls and near freezing temperatures. I will keep you posted as to which way this week plays out.

We have some openings this coming weekend for float trips. Currently we are doing a mix of streamer, nymph and dry fly fishing. If you would like to get out give us a call in the fly shop. 607-290-4022.

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