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Upper Delaware Fly Fishing Report

Fishing conditions are improving quickly!

River Flow Table

Beaverkill - 2520 cfs.

Wilowemoc - 1870 cfs.

Upper East Branch -997 cfs

Lower East Branch - 3810 cfs.

West Branch - 938 cfs.

Main Stem - 7370 cfs.

Yesterday the sun came out and we had a real spring day. We had 2 boats out yesterday and had our guides out on several different sections of water.

At this time the Upper West and Upper East branches are in great shape. Angers will have no problem wading at the current flow levels.

Right now streamers and nymphs will still make up the bulk of the day but there were risers on both the East and West Branches yesterday.

The West Branch had some sporadic activity with mostly stoneflies bouncing around the water. Bryn was able to find some regular feeders and took a nice Brown on a dry.

On the East I had sporadic activity with stoneflies about for most of the day. There was an occasional rise to this activity. There was also a good amount of Blue Quills on the water for a brief period early in the day. During the mid to late afternoon a few river sections had emerging Quill Gordons. This was not a major hatch but there were enough at times to draw attention from the Trout. The above photo is a Quill Grdon that took a ride in the drift boat.

The streamer bite was OK yesterday. I had a gentelman who was out for his first time fly fishing. He picked up the streamer fishing quickly and managed to hook 4 nice fish. We did not however get any into the net. MOst of the action came during the afternoon hours when the water temperature rose to the mid 40's.

I expect the fishing to improve a little bit each day now. Starting today I expect to have my guests fishing Streamers, Nymphs and Dry Flies.

We have a few openings in the coming week if you want to get in on some early season fishing. The forecast looks like good weather.

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