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Daily Fishing Report

Over the last few days some real progress has been made with the river ice situation. Currently the Beaverkill and Willowemoc are mostly open water. There are some spots where there is some bank ice but anglers can get into the water fine.

It has been too cold for any substantial snow melt. The snow has been melting very slowly and the result is clear low river for the time being.

Yesterday and today there were some fishermen working over the no-kill sections of both rivers. Yesterday I saw some sporadic risers on both the Willow and Beaverkill during the warmest time of the day. (4:00pm)

There were some stoneflies dancing on the water and they were drawing some attention.

The Entire river system opens for fishing on Wednesday. Conditions should be decent as the forecast is for warm weather. Anglers should however keep in mind the fact that the water is sure to rise and go off color if we get warm enough weather to cause some major snow melt.

Overall the fishing is very slow. The best chance for success is with nymphs and streamers slow and deep. Look for surface action late in the day if insects are present.

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