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Upper Delaware Fly Fishing Report for December

The calendar may say its still fall but winter conditions are well under way across the Upper Delaware. Pretty much all the rivers are high and fairly cold. That can be a tough proposition when you're looking for lethargic winter trout.

Last week, one of my hardcore anglers saw a weather window and gave me a call. The forecast called for 40° and gusts up to 10 mph. This time of year that's normally the best you could hope for.

We actually ended up having a decent day, we boated 2 browns and a nice rainbow. The streamer action was pretty hot and we probably had a dozen fish hit the fly. Unfortunately, they just weren't staying on, which probably has to do with how they were taking it. The fish were super lethargic and were not really committed, the takes were soft and unbelievably slow.

The nymphs produced a nice rainbow and a few other strikes. We didn't spend much time on it due to how high the water is.

As expected this time of year the trout were concentrated in specific areas. Focus on the slow water, don't bother fishing areas with a steep gradient drop. If you're nymphing, look for super soft riffles that concentrate food.

I'm in Roscoe and I'll probably be here for a while, if anyone is in town or wants to fish give me a shout.


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