Fly Fishing Report for the Upper Delaware and Catskill Rivers

August 14, 2018

 Rainy Days and High Water


The hot streamer bite continues. The last few days have been incredible if you seeing 20"+ Brown Trout crush big streamer flies.


Before I get into the fishing report I will put up yesterdays photos taken by the Baxter House Guide Staff. Below is our newest guide Luc Genovesi with a Delaware Brown that tried to drag him out of the boat.

 Oscar continues his big fish streak. Photo by guide Marty

 Taylor bringing one in on Guide Zach's boat.

 Marty Being Marty

 Guide Matt and Guide Rich in their usual pose. Loving the high water!

 Dr. Bob in on the action

 A little Close Up

 Two Smiling Dudes!

 Brownie in the fog for John

 They Eat Weird Stuff. One of my Salt Water bait fish.

 Now the report

The action is super hot.  If you are staying away due to the rain and high water that's a big mistake. There is no better time to take giant trout than during periods of high muddy water.


Over the last week our trips have been all about wrestling with the big boys. It has been hitting the Banks, Eddies and Seams with big streamers. This type of fishing is lots of casting but the excitement of the take is incredible. Right now we are fishing mostly 6" plus articulated and string flies. Most of the patterns are Baxter House custom patterns that were designed by our guide staff.


In addition to the streamer bite there was lots of insects yesterday. At times the water was totally covered with Olives. There was also sulfurs and Cahills late in the day.  There were quite a few rising fish to target if you are a hunter. The fish were tight to the banks, in the lees of islands and in the still eddies and backwaters.


With the reservoir overflow and the continuing rainy weather now is the time to get up here and fish.


Give us a call today to book your streamer hunt today 607-290-4022


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