Fly Fishing Report for the Upper Delaware and Catskill Rivers

Early Summer Outlook

For the last 2 weeks summer weather has had a firm grip on the Upper Delaware River System and the Catskill Mountains. Our rivers, reservoirs, lakes and ponds are at or near normal summertime levels. In the coming weeks visitors to our area will have lots of options for chasing game fish with fly fishing or light spin tackle. The big issue at this time is deciding what type of fishing and the species to chase.

Currently there is very reliable Trout fishing in our tailwater rivers. These icy cold rivers have good summer insect life and actively feeding trout every day.

Our Reservoirs and the Delaware river are offering top quality fishing for Smallmout Bass. July and August are prime time for targeting Smaiiles. For sheer numbers of smallies the Delaweare can't be beat. The river is full of these cooperative creatures and they are eager to take either surface flies or a variety of different lures. If Trophy sized Bass are what you are after, you can't beat Pepacton Reservoir. This is an overlooked fishery that regularly yields trophy sized Bronzebacks. Th