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Fishing the Delaware with our Veterans!

Today's report is not going to be so much about the fish but the folks we fished with yesterday. We here at Baxter House were honored to host Veterans of our armed forces in partnership with the NY/NJ Project Healing Water and Adopt a Soldier. This is a day we all look forward to every year. We find pride in making a small difference in being able to create a positive, safe and fun environment for our hero's. This even holds a very special place with us because Guide Marty found his way to Baxter House through a similar program for veterans.

Special thanks to NY/NJ Project Healing Waters, Adopt-a-Soldier and Nicole March.

Below Baxter House Guides: Zach, Marty, Chris and Rich with Owner and Mom Michelle enjoying dinner after our day on the water with our Veterans.

Fishing still continues to improve each day. With the flows also going down, wade fishing has become viable again on all rivers. Bug activity is booming. Hendos, quills, olives and caddis. The caddis have typically been around all day with nice mid afternoon hatches of mayflys. We have guides reporting spinner falls on the lower system last night.

We are finding fish eating consistently and regularly. This is some of the best time of the year to get big sippers. With the trout not being pressured all winter, they are willing and ready to eat bugs on top.

Streamer fishing is still producing fish as well. White and olive buggers and big zonkers have been effective.

The best fishing has been after 3:00PM until dark. Heavy hatches of mixed bugs followed by epic spinner falls.

Now is the time to get up here an fish. Give us a call today to schedule a float trip with our guides staff. 607-290-4022

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