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Fly Fishing Report for the Upper Delaware and Catskill Rivers

Huge Hatches and Giant Browns!

Yesterday the insect activity was incredible across large areas of the river system. If you were lucky enough to be out on the water yesterday you got to see what the Upper Delaware River System is famous for.

For many of our guides there were insects on the water from start to finish. Apple Caddis have been on the water 24 hours a day. Yesterday afternoon much of the river system saw the mother lode of Hendrickson spinners come back to lay eggs. Towards the end of the day the entire water was covered with insects and the trout were gorging themselves. All of our guests had great action casting the dry fly.

This heavy caddis activity should continue for a few days in each area of the river. The action usually works it's way up river. Currently the heaviest action is on the Main Stem but it is moving up to the Branches and Beamoc system quickly. For the next few weeks just about everywhere should fish well.

If you are planning on fishing in the coming days a lot of the system is still fishing at high water conditions. For wading the Beamoc waters are best, followed by the Upper East Branch. The Beaverkill and Willow are just falling into ranges where the fish rise well.

The fish are rising sporadically all day to the Caddisflies and occasional spinner in the drift. The best action is from 3:00 until dark. This time period is still getting good a emergence of mayflies which are mostly Hendrickaons. There has also been heavy spinner activity towards dark in many areas. Now is the time to start staying on the water until dark.

Now is the time to get up here an fish. Give us a call today to schedule a float trip with our guides staff. 607-290-4022

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