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Fly Fishing Report for Tampa Bay

Florida Weather Returns

A big Jack Crevale that gave Marty a 20 minute workout on a #10 rod. This big fish took a 2/0 kinky muddler pattern fished on a sink tip line.

The report

The recent blast of cold have given way to more normal weather. Over the last few days bright sun, light winds and warm temperatures have water temperatures slowly rising.

The Trout fishing is pretty good as these abundant fish do well in cooler water. We are finding them in a bit deeper water than usual, especially early in the day. Right now Trout are your best bet on the flats. These fish are pretty eager eaters and very cooperative with both the fly rod and light spin tackle. Bright Clouser Minnows are a top choice with Chartreuse and White, Blue and White and Tan and White being good choices. Gulp Shrimp and Paddle Tail soft baits fished on light jigs will keep your rod bent on light tackle.

The Snook fishing dropped way off after the cold weather. Right now these temperature sensitive fish have moved to deeper water, residential canals and areas with warm water sources. Below is a nice snook that took a bait fish imitation fished slow and deep on a sink tip line.

There are a lot of Sheepshead around . These abundant fish are currently on the flats, Around Docks and just about every king of structure. These fish are super challenging on the fly rod due to their spooky nature and the fact that you need to use very small flies.

Jack Crevales have been around at times especially in the areas with warm water sources. All sizes are present including some schools of real slammer sized beasts. Right now they have been taking the fly best when fished with a minimum amount of action. Letting the fly drift with the current and taking very short strips is the key.

The weather forecast looks good for the coming week so the fishing should continue to improve.

Give us a call today to plan your next Tampa Bay trip. I am currently offering both Fly and Light Spin trips with half, 3/4 and full day trips available. 607-290-4022


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