Tampa Bay Fly Fishing Report

2018 Starts with the North Winds Blowing.

Over the last few days the deep freeze that has much of the country shivering has made it's way south. Much of Florida including Tampa Bay is bracing for a cold front. It has been in the high 40's to mid 50's during the day but the winds have been so strong that the wind chill has been near freeing in some places.

The next few days of this weather is sure to put the fish off for a bit.

I have still been out about every day recently and have had to change tactics with each progressively colder day.. I had started last week fishing the negative low tides on the beautiful flats in warm water in the lower bay. The action was pretty good and the Trout bite was pretty hot in some places. Snook were also pretty active in the afternoons. Below are some great shots of Rich and Marty on the hunt.