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Fall Fly Fishing

Tuesdays rain has all the upper Delaware rivers in good shape. The olive fishing should really turn on with the cooler weather predicted over the next week. Yesterday we had some olives, but it was a little too warm and sunny for them to really come out in force. With the extra water the nymphing was rough but it should come back strong as the water drops. The fish are really starting to change feeding locations at this point in time. Dont waste time looking in the really fast runs and pocket water. Instead focus on smooth flat runs (both deep and shallow,) i your nymphing, and the middle and tails of pools if your looking to fish dries. Streamers on the west and upper main are also an option at this time.

This brown was caught yesterday blind fishing an isonychia. At this time the iso hatch is sparse but if you cover enough water you can make it happen.

We got this bow on a size 18 pheasant tail. When the water is in the 50s these fish are so erratic they are really hard to land on tiny nymphs. Take your time playing them and be as smooth as possible with the rod and especially the rod tip.

a nice bow caught blind fishing our iso cripple

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