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Fly Fishing Report for the Upper Delaware and Catskill Rivers


The photos in today's post are from guide Matt's recent trips

Matt here with Tuesdays fishing report. The Upper Delaware got rain the past two days which has jumped the flows across the board. We have had guides on all three main rivers the past few days. Last week saw the West Branch hovering around 1100 CFS, about double the average for this time of year. The Upper East Branch was at the mid 60’s CFS but jumped to above 120 after the recent rainfall. The Lower East from the junction of the Beaverkill down has over 300 cubes in it. Which has spurred the fish to eat.

The Mainstem has also fished very well with the extra juice. We have had success shallow water nymphing and also fishing size 18 BWO’s on top. The overcast days have produced nice fish on top. The sunny days have been great for streamer fishing and shallow water nymphing (water 3 feet and under).

I had some great trips recently with some great people. Kevin “dime dropper” Moglia made them eat on top Saturday during 20 mph winds. The self proclaimed purest, found fish rising on banks that were sheltered from the high winds. The high water on the West allowed us to get the boat close to the fish which can be rare for this time of year. (Team Yeti thanks for not bringing Oger this weekend…. boat was a lot easier to row)

Keep an eye on the levels over the next week. We hope we get more water to keep this great fishing going. The foliage is on point right now and a beautiful time had by all. Please call the shop to book your trip. The weekends are almost filled up with some spotty openings mid week. These fish are putting on the winter weight…..who wants to feed them?

Fall Fishing > Work

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Love and tight lines,


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