Fly Fishing Report for the Upper Delaware and Catskill Rivers


Joe Cusato with a big March Brown eater taken at mid day..

The big bug action is now in high gear across the Upper Delaware system. The big hatch is now the Green and Brown Drakes. March Browns , Isonychia, Sulfurs and another dozen or so species are about at times. The Blue Sedge Caddisfly is on the water heavy towards dark.

Last night Coffinflies were in the air in places where the Drakes have been emerging heavy. There were also a lot of March Brown spinners as well. The fish have been gorging whenever these large insects are on the water.

Here is a bit of the progression so you can try to time it. The Beaverkill has had the best Drake action. The lower river seems to be over and done. The next 3 days the Drakes should be on the water from Horton up to Roscoe. It started here yesterday. Today should be good, Tomorrow Great and then it should wane to a trickle. Coffinflies should be around for some time afterwards.