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Fly Fishing Report for the Upper DelaWare and Catskill Rivers


Today's report is not much different that yesterday. All area rivers are very high from the recent heavy rain.

There is water pouring into our river from everywhere. This morning both Pepacton and Cannonsvile Reservoirs have heavy water coming into them from above. Both Reservoirs are spilling over their dams with a large volume of water. The entire length of Pepacton is highly mixed and turbidity is being observed from the top of the reservoir to the spillway.

The waters below the dams are very high and running with mixed turbidity. At this time the West Branch is the lower of the two and may offer another crack at fishing some Alewife that have spilled over. The East Branch is high and Dangerous at the current level. All anglers should stay away from this river for a few more days. Here are the current flows - West Branch 2660 cfs., East Branch 4660 cfs.

For wade anglers most of the waters are blown out and dangerous. There are a few exceptions however and they are good options.

All of the rain stayed a bit to the West of us. Roscoe was on the edged of the storm but to our east the rain was very light. The Upper Willowemoc is fishable withhigh water conditions. The Neversink was not effected at all by the rain. Yesterday we suggested this river to our guests. Those who chose to drive down and fish there were rewarded with good fishing to a pretty decent Hendrickson hatch. For today anglers on foot will find this to be the best option.

Yesterday we cancelled all of our trips. Today we are planning on fishing. All of our scheduled float trips remain on for today so we will put up a more detailed fishing report tomorrow.

If you would like to get out for some streamer fishing give us a call. We have some openings in the coming days. 607-290-4022

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