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Upper Delaware Fly Fishing Report

Spillover at Cannonsville Reservoir

Spilling Water rages over the Dam at Cannonsville Reservoit - Photo Courtesy of Matty "MOO" Jensen

Today finds all the upper Delaware rivers on the drop. The heavy flows are steadily coming down. As this week progresses the conditions should improve rapidly. At the moment the rivers are still high and cold but Fish are being taken. The current flows are still best suited for those with a lot of time in the rowers seat.

Wading conditions are improving on the Beamoc waters. This morning the Willowemoc looks great! Both rivers are now offering decent bank and shallow wading opportunity.

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to have some hardy guys that wanted to fish regardless of the tough conditions. For the first time this year I choose to float a section not close to either of the dams.

The water was over the bank in many places and lots of islands were completely submerged. We worked really hard and were rewarded with 3 fish. Two of them were caught in places that I expect to be dry land in the near future.

We are loving this warm weather and are planning on hitting the water this afternoon. Stay tuned. We have a full schedule of trips in the coming days so look for more first hand reports as we make it happen.

Photos by Matty "Moo" Jensen and Zachary Anderson

Zach Anderson

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