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Tampa Bay Fly Fishing Report

Happy New Year to All!

2017 is starting out warm in the Tampa Bay area. We are expecting sunny, breezy days in the upper 70's to low 80's for most of the week.

This warm weather still has the fish pretty spread out. Yesterday I moved around a lot and had water temperatures from 68 to 72 degrees.

Trout action on the flats is still pretty spotty. I have been finding pockets of fish but you need to try a few depths before you lock in on them. The drop offs of the flats have a good amount of Jacks and Ladyfish that will keep the rods bent.

The action in the Mangroves has been steady. There are lots of juvenile snook under the structure. Most of the fish are 15" to 20" but they are eager and a lot of fun on 6 weights. The bigger fish should start to move into these areas whenever a few cold fronts move through.

I am still using mostly unweighted EP Style baitfish imitations. I have 2 rods rigged one with a 3" baitfish and the other with a 5" baitfish. The best colors have been Olive / White, Olive /Yellow and the Everglades Special.

I have been targeting both mangrove points and pockets and letting the unweighted flies drift under the structure. The best tactic has been sharp strips with long pauses on the retrieve. Most all of the takes have been when the fly is tumbling or swinging on the pause.

The photos are another snook and the type of structure I have been finding the fish feeding in.

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