Upper Delaware Fly Fishing Report


This weekend is forecast to bring us some rainfall. Over the next 3 days there are rain showers predicted for later today and Sunday. Rain Squalls are possible at any time.

This could be tough conditions for anglers if the forecast is correct. It will most likely however be excellent for insect activity and dry fly fishing. March Browns normally emerge in much steadier numbers during rainy days.

The March Brown hatch is underway and there have been enough hatching that there were a good amount of March Brown spinners in the air yesterday.

All of our recent guide trips have gone well with our guests taking some beautiful Trout. Over the last few days we have taken Trout with Streamerts, Dries and Nymphs. The nymphing is getting hot!

Over the last week the Wild Rainbows have become more active! In some sections these beautiful Trout are now dominating the catch.