Upper Delaware Fly Fishing Report


The fishing is good for everyone including this juvenile bald eagle that I photographed on the Main Stem Delaware.

Eagle Flying.jpg

Yesterday all of our guests had decent fishng. We had good action with nymphs and some late day activity with dry flies. At this time you can find late day risers throughout every Upper Delaware river. We still have a good amount of the larger bugs on the water daily. The main action right now is with Brown Drakes and Isonychia. There are also loads of smaller mayflies and caddisflies emerging daily. Yesterady there was also a good amount of stoneflies emerging from the Main Stem Delaware.

Below are a few photos from the last few days. We have not been taking many huge Trout at this time but there is steady action for our guests with the size trout in the photos.

Below are the Perelli's who were in for their annual trip.