Upper Delaware Fly Fishing Report


Over the last few days we finally had some rainfall that moved the Stream gauges. The additional water combined with very cool night time temperatures has made for some good fishing conditions. Over the next few days we are forecast for overnight air temperatures to drop into the 30's.

The colder weather will make for some great conditions.

Santee Bow.JPG



The Upper Delaware rivers are now fishing well with low to mid water conditions. The insect hatches are reliable and the trout are feeding well especially towards dark. March Browns and Sulfurs are emerging well where I have been fishing. There is a much bigger mix of insects on the other rivers in the system. Depending on where you are you may still find Hendricksons and Blue Quills, Caddisflies, Stoneflies, Olives and More. There are also spinner flights most nights.

Yesterday we saw a few Green Drakes again. These huge insects will be making their way up river over the next few weeks.

Right now the nymph action is very good. Our guests have been taking good fish on dries but they have been running the numbers up on nymphs.

Right now a nymph rig with 3 flies fished under a float is deadly. Over the last few days I have been setting up my rigs as follows. A BH March Brown followed by a smaller BH pheasant tail or bh soft hackle followed by either an Ice Pupa or Pheasant tail. The last flie should be a #16 or #18 at this time. All of these flies are tied in line and fished abour 2.5 to 3 feet below the indicator. At this time you want your flies suspended in the water column not on the bottom.

River Flow Table

Beaverkill - 211 cfs.

Wilowemoc - 139 cfs.

Upper East Branch -151 cfs

Lower East Branch - 511 cfs.

West Branch - 271 cfs.

Main Stem -1150 cfs.

Our fly shop is now open daily. We are fully stocked with the essentials and the best local fly patterns in the area. If you are planning to fish and want to get the scoop on what's happening on all area rivers, stop in. Our guides will be in and around the shop from 8:30 am until they leave for their trips. You can pick their brains on the latest hatches, techniques and locations. Our staff will be available to you on a daily basis from now through the end of June

Currently there are March Browns, Sulfurs, Hendrickson's, Stoneflies, Caddisflies and more emerging from all Upper Delaware Rivers. There is good spinner activity every night.

Today's Upper Delaware Fly Selection

March Browns, Sulfurs, Blue Quill CDC Duns, Quill Gordon Cripples, Hendrickson Knock Down Duns, Hendrickson Cripples, Red Quill Cripples, Elk Over CDC Caddis, X Caddis, Peacock Klinkhammers, Apple Caddis, March Brown Duns, March Brown Cripples

BH Copper Johns, BH Pheasant Tails, Ice Caddis, KT Pupas, BH Stoneflies, Flash Back Pheasant Tails, Cased Caddis

Small Zonkers, BH Wooly Buggers , Sculpins, Bottom Wigglers, Muddlers, Small Atriculated Flies

Streamers of 3" or less will be most effective at this time.


Both the Beaverkill and Willow are fishing well. Both got a nice boost in flow from the recent rainfall . Both rivers have excellent wading access at this time and there is very little angler pressure on these waters. At this time the Beaverkill and WIlloemoc are a good choice.

This is one of my favorite times to fish these waters. The insect hatches are now transitioning to species that thrive in the faster riffles and pocket water. The Beamoc waters are perfect for these insects! Over the next 4 weeks anglers should have no problem finding active insects and Trout.

March Browns are starting to show up in places and a few sulfurs should be about late in the day. At this time a rusty spinner is a great choice for any fussy fish.

Anglers should nymph early and start looking for risers in mid afternoon.

The nymphing is excellent. The best tactic for the Beamoc water is high sticking in the Pocket water. At this time the Pocket Water and Riffles are full of fish.


The East is in decent condition today. The rainfall was really needed on this river. In the coming days anglers should have nice nice fishing on this river.

The Upper East still has some Hendrickson / Blue QUill Activity. There are also caddisflies and March Browns. There should be some Green Drake activity in the very near future.

At the current flow the Trout will be tough in the Upper River. Anglers should try longer leaders over the fussy fish that live in the glass like pools slow.

The Lower East is now looking good for at least the next few days. This section is at low water conditions but the cold weather has it in prime range for active trout.

The lower east should fish well as it is great habitat for March Browns. Anglers should concentrate their attention around the riffles. This is where the March Browns will emerge from and it is also where the best spinner activity will take place. Like the Beaverkill this section of river will be at it's best over the next 4 weeks if water temperatures and conditions remain stable.