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Upper Delaware Fly Fishing Report

Beaverkill - 2850 cfs.

Wilowemoc - 2200 cfs.

Upper East Branch - 1330 cfs

Lower East Branch - 5100 cfs.

West Branch - 1810 cfs.

Main Stem - 11,100 cfs.

Since yesterday it has been raining on and off in the Upper Delaware region. At times the rainfall has been pretty heavy.

The rain has accelerated the snow melt and at this time all of our river are rising again. Some of our rivers have almost doubled in flow.

There is some turbidity in all of our local rivers. The turbidity varies in color but most everywhere there is some visibility.

The current river levels will make fishing tough for a few days. Hopefully by the weekend levels will drop to a fishable place.

I will update the report as fishing conditions change

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