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Welcome to our fishing report page. Below you will find the most comprehensive Fly Fishing report and stream conditions available for the Beaverkill River, Willowemoc River, East Branch of the Delaware, West Branch of the Delaware and Main Stem Delaware River. We only report firsthand information based on the observations of our guide staff. You will never read second hand information on this report. You can also call us in the fly shop for location specific reports daily at 607-290-4022


Ken Tutalo's

Upper Delaware Fly Fishing Report

Wednesday, April 16

Current Stream Flows


Today's FLOW RATE in CFS.

Yesterday's Flow / Long Term average.



3010  cfs.

1140  cfs. / cfs.



2010 cfs.

500  cfs. / cfs.



3360 cfs.

1880 cfs. / cfs.



2290  cfs.

829  cfs. / cfs.



6510  cfs.

2070 cfs. / cfs.



15,400 cfs.

5080  cfs. / cfs.


Fishing Quality





Slow Fishing

High and Clearing, Mixed color associated with snow melt


Slow  Fishing

High and Clearing, Mixed color associated with snow melt


Slow Fishing

High and Clearing, Mixed color associated with snow melt


Slow Fishing

Mid to high and Clearing, Mixed color associated with snow melt in deeper pools


Slow Fishing

High and Clearing, Mixed color associated with snow melt


Slow  Fishing

 High and Clearing, Mixed color associated with snow melt

Upper Delaware Region

Daily Fishing Report

The Baxter House is now open Daily for Lodging, Guiding and the Fly Shop!

Today I have returned to reporting on each of our local river individually. Make sure you scroll down to find the reports on each river.

All Upper Delaware rivers are blown out from yesterday's heavy rainfall.

Last night it turned really cold and our mountains are again blanketed in fresh snow. The snow was not much. We got and inch or so in the valleys and a few inches in the higher elevations. We are expecting the next few days to bring us very cold nights with warm daytime temperatures in the 50's. This is good trout fishing weather.

Currently there is no safe water in the system to wade fish. Anglers should limit themselves to fishing from the banks until the water levels drop. For anglers who fish from drift boats the current high water is full of options. Every bit of the system will be floatable for some time.

During yesterday's brutal weather our staff shut the shop down and hit the river. The fishing was tough due to the heavy downpours. The river however was alive with bug life for the second day in a row.

When the waters return to fishable levels visiting anglers can expect to see good hatches well underway.

At this time there are heavy emergences of caddisflies and stoneflies. Mayfly hatches are also underway. Blue Quills are on about every river. Yesterday there were some heavy emerging activity of this insect. There are also enough larger mayflies about that you can notice them at times. On the waters I have been on these insects have been mostly Quill Gordon's. By the time the waters drop this will become a mixed hatch with the Gordon's and Hendrickson's on the water at the same time.

 Below is my first Trout of the 2014 season. This guy took a 6" brown trout parr imitation.

At this time streamer fishing is good. The trout are chasing streamers well and we are putting some big boys in the net.

We have several openings for Streamer fishing float trips this week.

 If you would like to get out on the water give the shop a call at 607-290-4022

Currently most of our success is coming on streamer flies. Since the season opened we have been taking some very large Brownies from severl section of the Upper Delaware river system.

Below are some of the patterns that I tie. All are between 5" and 7". All of my spring patterns are big! One day this week we threw 10" to12" eel patterns and had several huge Brown Trout slam them.

The fly below was our hot fly on Wednesday. This articulated fly had more than a dozen strikes before it was taken from us by a Huge

Brown Trout.



Here are some photos from last fall




Beaverkill and Willowemoc

The Baemoc waters are very high and dangerous today.


The Beamoc waters are still on the high side from recent rain and snow melt coming down the tributaries.

There is some fishable water in the Willowemoc. The Beaverkill is still a bit high for good wading access. Anglers should keep an eye on the weather. Today's heavy rainfall is sure to push these two rivers up beyond the threshold for safe wading.

The best action is is fishing streamers and nymphs slow and deep. Anglers should target the heads and tails of the deeper pools as well as eddies and protected coves. These are the areas where the Trout hold during high water periods.

There is good insect life on the Beamoc waters. There have been some heavy activity with stoneflies. There are also some caddisflies and a few Mayflies bout as well. Yesterday afternoon I was on the Beaverkill for an hour or so and noticed a few Blue Quills floating on the water.

These waters need to have a substantial drop in river flow before we will see any sustained surface feeding activity.


East Branch

The East Branch waters are very high and dangerous today

Upper East -

 The Upper East Branch has been fishing well. We have floated this section a few times when the water was a bit higher. We have taken some impressive Brown Trout on large streamer flies. With todays weather and the current heavy release from Pepacton we are back in business for streamer fishing. I expect to see the East continue to rise throughout the day. There should also be a good amount of turbidity as the rainfall melts off the remaining snow on our north slopes and in the mountain hollows.

We have openings for float trips tomorrow through the weekend. Call the shop for details 607-290-4022

All of the Trout below are Upper East Branch residents.


Early April 2014

The Upper East currently has good wading conditions. Anglers should be able to access most of the pools. Insect activity is improving daily and we have seen sporadic surface feeding on our last few float trips on this section.

The most abundant insects are stoneflies. There are good numbers of these insects from about noon time until dark. The stoneflies are Brown and there are 2 sizes. One about an 18 and the other much bigger. I have been fishing a #12 or #14 to imitate them.

There are a few Mayflies about. On my last float there were a few areas that Blue Quills were emerging. I also saw a few larger mayflies that were most likely Quill Gordons. But these were not abundant. We are still at least a week away from steady surface action.

Lower East -

Below are a pair of Browns from 4/6/14

I have floated the lower East Branch several times this season.

It is fishing similar to the upper but with Big Heavy Flow. There is little wadable water at this time.

We have had some action on streamer flies and on the surface.

If you are persistent and willing to fish the streamer hard you will put a few nice Trout per day into the net. On my most recent float we also landed a few really large Smallmouth Bass on 6" long streamers.

The insects on the lower river are the same as the rest of the system, stoneflies and a few mayflies. On my most recent float we were able to find a few trout rising. The  action was not widespread. The risers were in the most protected sections of the river and in the sections that more resembled a pond. The trout were slowly cruising theses areas picking the most active stoneflies from the surface.

We had some fun targeting these Trout but it is low percentage fishing trying to guess where the cruisers are heading and then skittering a fly in the right place at the right time.

Below are a few pics from recent trips


West Branch

The West is very high and dangerous today

I have not been to the West Branch yet this season but several of my guides have floated the West multiple times.

The West is currently bit too high for wade fishermen and this situation is sure to worsen as today's rainfall pushes the river higher in flow.

Since the season opened the west has been very busy. This past weekend there was heavy boat traffic and about the most I have heard of in early April.

With that said the fishing has been decent on the low traffic days. If you are one of the first boats down the river the streamer bite has been good. The west always grows some impressive sized Brownies and high turbid water is the time they are vulnerable to being caught. Anglers should pound the banks and the deeper water. It is also productive to move your flies slowly above the established weed beds is you know where they are.

So far this season the west has had the best surface activity. The very slow water sections are where the surface activity has been happening.  The insects are the same as everywhere. Stoneflies  and some blue quills. The larger insects should establish themselves on hte west a bit before the other rivers.

Main Stem 

The Main Stem is very high and dangerous today

The Main Stem is up in flow. It is currently too high for wading and I have not yet floated the Main. Some of the boat launches that I regularly use are still full of ice bergs. Today's rainfall should push any opportunity of fishing here back another week.

I do plan on fishing the Main Stem later in the week. I will not report anything further until I get out there.

Give us a call today to Book a Float Trip!






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