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Welcome to our fishing report page. Below you will find the most comprehensive Fly Fishing report and stream conditions available for the Beaverkill River, Willowemoc River, East Branch of the Delaware, West Branch of the Delaware and Main Stem Delaware River. We only report firsthand information based on the observations of our guide staff. You will never read second hand information on this report. You can also call us in the fly shop for location specific reports daily at 607-290-4022


Ken Tutalo's

Upper Delaware Fly Fishing Report

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Current Stream Flows


Today's FLOW RATE in CFS.

Yesterday's Flow / Long Term average.



203  cfs.

 cfs. / cfs.

Good Water temps


160 cfs.

 cfs. / cfs.

Good Water temps


362 cfs.

 cfs. / cfs.

Good Water temps


159 cfs.

  cfs. / cfs.


Good Water temps


491 cfs.

 cfs. / cfs.

Good Water temps



1060 cfs.

  cfs. / cfs.

Good Water temps


Fishing Quality





Good Fishing Conditions

 Low Water / Good Water temps


Good Fishing Conditions

 Low Water / Good Water temps


 Good Technical Fishing

Low Water


Good Technical Fishing -

low water


Decent Fishing - Good at dark

 Low Water Conditions / Good Water temps


 Good Fishing -

Great Flow / Good Water temps

Upper Delaware Region

Daily Fishing Report

The Baxter House is now open Daily for Lodging, Guiding and the Fly Shop!

We now have late fall conditions on all of our Upper Delaware rivers. At this time we have very steady hatches of Blue Wing Olives and great dry fly fishing daily.

Recently we have been enjoying some Indian Summer weather. It has been sunny with daytime highs in the 60's.

We are forecast for this weather to last another day or two. By this coming weekend we should return to normal fall conditions. The return to colder weather should also spur some heavier insect activity from the Blue Wing Olives.

I have some openings for this coming weekend and next week. If you want to get out for a float trip give me a call in the shop. 607-290-4022

The excellent dry fly fishing should last through most of November!

Here is a nice fish from yesterday. This fish was one of many that ate our Blue Wing olive imitations.

Below are a few photos from the last few days

Visiting anglers should be aware that the upper sections of both the east and west branches are now closed for the year. On the east the closed portion is from the Shinhopple bridge upstream to the dam. On the West is is from Just below West Branch Angler up to the dam. All other waters in the Upper Delaware remain open until the end of November. The no-kills on the Beaverkill and Willowemoc and the border waters of the West Branch and Main Stem remain open year round.

Since the rainfall the fishing has remained about steady on the section of river that I have been taking my guests. The dry fly action is very good and there is no need to fish any other method. Blue Wing olives are on the water and they are reliable every day.

Here are a few photos from yesterdays dry fly action

On Sundays float we had very steady action from start to finish. We put 8 large trout in the net on Olive Dun imitations. The 2 photos below are our largest Bow and Brown of the float. Both Trout were just shy of the 20" mark.

The fishing should get even better as it starts to get colder.

I have an opening on Friday Oct. 24th. I also have some additional openings after the 27th. of the month. If you want to get one more trip in before the snow flies now is the time to give me a call. 607-290-4022.

At this time we are fishing the dry fly throughout most of the day.

Here are a few shots from recent floats.

Over the last 2 weeks my guests have been treated to near perfect fishing conditions and great action.. Currently there is excellent fishing with both nymphs and dry flies. The dry fly action is steady throughout the day at this time.

There are excellent insect hatches at this time. Over the last few days the larger bugs are starting to thin a bit. There are still Isonyhia, Hebe Sulfurs, Cahills and large Caddisflies but they are no longer blanketing the water. The action with the larger insects is more sporadic but they draw a lot of instant attention when they start emerging.

Blue Wing Olives are now the main staple on the water. Over the last 2 weeks I have not used any pattern on rising fish other than Olive Duns. The Trout are feeding steadily when the olives are on the water. I still have my guests fishing large Isonychia patterns in the riffles during the non hatch periods with decent success.

This week the spinner activity late in the day has been prolific. Spinners have been covering the water around 5:00 pm. The last few days there has been heavy activity with Hebe Spinners

Anglers planning on fishing in the coming days should be aware that the larger trout will start moving to the slowest places in the river to feed as the size of the insects diminish. When it gets colder and we are limited to just Blue WIng Olives all of the really good fish will be slowly cruising the eddies to feed.

Over the last week we have been taking 18" to 20" Rainbows feeding at mid day from the large slow eddies.

I have the following upcoming dates available if you are looking to get out for a float. October 17. I also have several openings from the 22 through mid November.

 Give the shop a call if you would like one of these dates 607-290-4022

Here are some photos from recent trips

Yesterday we had another day with mostly dry fly action. Below is Frank Passucci wit a few of his Trout from yesterdays trip. All of these Trout were taken on Blue Wing Olive Dun imitations.

 More recent photos

Below are some photos from the last few days. All of the photos below are this September

The Blue WIng Olive hatch is decent but it is still too warm for it to really kick into full gear. Right now the bigger bugs are still dominant and will remain so until we get a few more frosty nights. As soon as we get that cooler weather the real action with Olives will kick into gear. This is some of my favorite fishing of the year. The hot action usually establishes by early October lasts through mid November or until the waters start to freeze.

Right now we are taking bookings for floats during October and November. Give us a call today to discuss this exiting time of the fishing year.



Some nice Trout from the 2014 season

 This giant measured just over 24 inches and had a massive 17.5 inch girth.

Here are some recent photos. Click photo to enlarge.

Below is a series of shots that show the eagle taking flight. You can open the photos by clicking on them.







Beaverkill and Willowemoc

 Summertime conditions


East Branch

Upper East -

 High and Clearing


 Lower East -

High and Clear

Below are photos from this seasons trips



West Branch

I have been on the West the last few days and the fishing has been good.

My guests have been taking  fish on both nymphs and dry flies.

The nymphing has been excellent but there is a lot of algae in the drift which has to be picked off after every cast or two. Even with this inconvenience the fishing has been good.

The dry fly action has been consistent. There is a decent afternoon hatch most days. Towards dark the activity has been steady. The dorothea sulfurs are emerging in heavy numbers along with Olives, Cahills and Isonychia.

Since the season opened the west has been very busy. Every weekend there has been heavy boat traffic. At this time you will find steady boat traffic and most every popular pool will be full of wade anglers. The game land areas have been especially crowded.

Main Stem 

The Main is high and Turbid

Below is a photo of a Main Stem double for Bill Hardy and Tom Gibson. The action has been so good that 2 Trout hooked at the same time has become a regular occurrence.

Below is a nice photo of Bill Hardys hand with a rainbow behind it.


Below is a nice shot from a recent float

Below are a few recent shots.

Give us a call today to Book a Float Trip!






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