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Welcome to our fishing report page. Below you will find the most comprehensive Fly Fishing report and stream conditions available for the Beaverkill River, Willowemoc River, East Branch of the Delaware, West Branch of the Delaware and Main Stem Delaware River. We only report firsthand information based on the observations of our guide staff. You will never read second hand information on this report. You can also call us in the fly shop for location specific reports daily at 607-290-4022


Ken Tutalo's

Upper Delaware Fly Fishing Report

Wednesday, April 23

Current Stream Flows


Today's FLOW RATE in CFS.

Yesterday's Flow / Long Term average.



766  cfs.

836  cfs. / cfs.



420 cfs.

480  cfs. / cfs.



1990 cfs.

2130 cfs. / cfs.



1160  cfs.

1460  cfs. / cfs.



1980  cfs.

2340 cfs. / cfs.



5080 cfs.

5800  cfs. / cfs.


Fishing Quality





Good Fishing

Good Flow, Clear Water


Good  Fishing

Good Flow, Clear Water


Slow Fishing

High and Clear,


Slow Fishing

Mid to high and Clear


Slow Fishing

High and Clear,


Slow  Fishing

 High and Clear,

Upper Delaware Region

Daily Fishing Report

The Baxter House is now open Daily for Lodging, Guiding and the Fly Shop!

All Upper Delaware river flows are now falling daily. The freestones are showing the biggest drop in flow while our tailwaters are dropping slightly. This morning anglers will find decent wading access in both the Willowemoc and Beaverkill Rivers.

This morning I had a schedule change that left me with 2 openings this week. I now have Saturday and Sunday the 26th. and 27th. open. If you would like to get out this coming weekend give us a call.

 The East and West branches will drop much slower due to the overflow from the dams. As soon as the dams stop spilling over there will be a significant drop in flow. For now the only option on the tailwaters is drift boat fishing.

On recent floats our guides all reported good insect emergences. Blue Quills are abundant and where I floated there was also a good amount of Quill Gordon's on the water. With the increased amount of Mayflies on the water all we need is a few days of receding flows to spur good surface feeding. Yesterday there was some sporadic surface feeding at times.

Guide Zach and Bryn from our fly shop floated Sunday. They had good action. The Trout were chasing streamers well in the warming water. They also took a nice Brown on a Blue Quill imitation.

Below is the Trout that Guide Zach took on the surface

Last week the Beaverkill and Willowemoc received their first stocking of Trout from the State. The fishing in both has picked up quickly as the fresh fish are active and aggressive.

At this time there are heavy emergences of caddisflies, stoneflies and Blue Quills. There are also enough larger mayflies about that you can notice them at times. On the waters I have been on these insects have been mostly Quill Gordon's.

At this time anglers should carry a good supply of Streamer flies, Nymphs and Dry Flies

Hot Flies  -  Currently our guides are fishing the following Flies-

Large and Small Articulated Streamers, String Flies, Baby Trout Imitations, String Eel Imitations, sz. #2 BH Woolly Buggers,

BH Nymphs - BH Soft Hackles, BH Pheasant Tails, Cased Caddis, KT Flash Pupa, Ice Caddis

Blue Quill Sparkle Dun, Blue Quill Knock Down Dun, Hendrickson Slow Water Cripple, Hendrickson Hackle Cripple,  Red Quill Hackle Cripple

 Below is my first Trout of the 2014 season. This guy took a 6" brown trout parr imitation.

At this time streamer fishing is good. The trout are chasing streamers well and we are putting some big boys in the net.

Currently most of our success is coming on streamer flies. Since the season opened we have been taking some very large Brownies from several section of the Upper Delaware river system.

Below are some of the patterns that I tie. All are between 5" and 7". All of my spring patterns are big! One day this week we threw 10" to12" eel patterns and had several huge Brown Trout slam them.

The fly below has been hot this spring. We tie this style to imitate several of the Delaware's forage fish.

Brown Trout.



Here are some photos from last fall




Beaverkill and Willowemoc

The fishing in the Beaverkill and Willowemoc is pretty good now. The fish from the recent state stocking are active and aggressive.

Anglers are having some good action with streamers and nymphs. There is some sporadic rising but nothing that is sustained yet.

The best action is is fishing streamers and nymphs slow and deep. Anglers should target the heads and tails of the deeper pools as well as eddies and protected coves. These are the areas where the Trout hold during high water periods.

There is good insect life on the Beamoc waters. There have been some heavy activity with stoneflies. There are also some caddisflies and a few Mayflies bout as well.

There should be some sporadic rising activity whenever insects get heavy.

These waters need to have a substantial drop in river flow before we will see any sustained surface feeding activity.


East Branch

Upper East -

 The Upper East Branch is still too high for any decent wading access.

I have been on the East most every day. The water is now very clear and you have to work hard for your streamer bites.

The water have been warming to the mid 40's each day, Yesterday it got to 47 degrees. The Trout are moving better than last week.

Below is a Brown from this weekend

On my last few floats the insect life has been great. There are still Caddis and Stoneflies but the Mayflies are on the water!

The Blue Quills are heavy and there are noticeable amounts of larger Mayflies on the water. On my last float it was windy and hard to catch insects for inspection but all the larger Mayflies that landed on the boat were Quill Gordons. At this time there is sporadic rising activity but only in very protected sections of the river and where large amounts of insets accumulate. The river still needs to drop at least 50% for widespread surface feeding to begin.

All of the Trout below are Upper East Branch residents.


Early April 2014

Lower East -

Below are a pair of Browns from 4/6/14

I have floated the lower East Branch several times this season.

It is fishing similar to the upper but with Big Heavy Flow. There is little wadable water at this time.

We have had some action on streamer flies and on the surface.

If you are persistent and willing to fish the streamer hard you will put a few nice Trout per day into the net. On my most recent float we also landed a few really large Smallmouth Bass on 6" long streamers.

The insects on the lower river are the same as the rest of the system, stoneflies, Blue Quills, Quill Gordon's, Hendricksons.

 On my most recent float we were able to find a few trout rising. The  action was not widespread. The risers were in the most protected sections of the river and in the sections that more resembled a pond. The trout were slowly cruising theses areas picking the most active stoneflies from the surface.

We had some fun targeting these Trout but it is low percentage fishing trying to guess where the cruisers are heading and then skittering a fly in the right place at the right time.

Below are a few pics from recent trips


West Branch

I have not been to the West Branch yet this season but several of my guides have floated the West multiple times. My guides were on the West again Sunday.

Here are a few shots from their float

The West is currently bit too high for wade fishermen. It will remain that way while Cannonsville Reservoir is spilling over.

Since the season opened the west has been very busy. This past week there was heavy boat traffic. This season the West has had about the most boat traffic I have heard of in early April.

With that said the fishing has been decent on the low traffic days. If you are one of the first boats down the river the streamer bite has been good. The West Branch always grows some impressive sized Brownies and high turbid water is the time they are vulnerable to being caught. Anglers should pound the banks and the deeper water. It is also productive to move your flies slowly above the established weed beds if you know where they are.

So far this season the west has had the best surface activity. The very slow water sections are where the surface activity has been happening.  The insects are the same as everywhere. Stoneflies, Blue Quills and some Gordon's and Hendrickson's.

Main Stem 

The Main Stem is up in flow. It is currently too high for wading and I have not yet floated the Main. I am sure that there is good insect activity on the Main,

I do plan on fishing the Main Stem later this week. I will not report anything further until I get out there.

Give us a call today to Book a Float Trip!






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